Sober Living Environment

Sober Living Environment Committed to Your Recovery

When someone has your back you know it; there is a sense that the person sincerely cares about your wellbeing. On the contrary, when someone is out to just make a buck off you and doesn’t have your best interests in mind, it isn’t always evident initially, but eventually their true colors show. When it comes to choosing a sober living home, recognizing the ones that are genuinely interested in your successful recovery is imperative.

Some bad apples have given the sober living housing community a negative reputation. Those are the greedy players who stuff as many residents as will fit into a house that they do not manage well (if at all), and where drug and alcohol use is conveniently ignored. These disreputable people seek to profit off the vulnerable souls who simply want to have a safe and sober living space while transitioning from rehab back to normal life. It is important to know how to discern a quality sober home from one that is simply a money-making machine.

What Does a Quality Sober Living Environment Look Like?

An important consideration for those in early recovery is where they should live. It has been shown that those who decide to spend a few months in a sober living environment have a higher success rate at maintaining sobriety than those who choose to return home after rehab. Sober living allows the newly sober individual time to attain the new skills and mindset that can reinforce their recovery and minimize relapse.

A quality sober living home is, first and foremost, actively managed, clean, and has a relaxed atmosphere. House rules are clear and enforced, as well as mandatory house meetings and 12-step meetings. The sober residence is absolutely drug and alcohol free with a zero-tolerance policy for substance use. Residents share the household responsibilities equally and support each other’s recovery efforts. There is a clear sense of purpose conveyed by the owner or manager that they are truly committed to your recovery.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Sober Living Home

There are certain standards that are common in a quality sober living environment. Much information is available that can help you discern the quality of the home simply by asking the right questions ahead of time. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Is there regular drug and Breathalyzer testing? A strong deterrent can help those in early recovery who are particularly vulnerable to relapse. By having regular drug testing, even room searches if it is suspected that drugs or alcohol are on the premises, the residents are more assured that the sober house is truly a sober environment.
  • May I review the list of house rules? A quality sober living home will have clearly stated house rules and behavior standards. By setting clear expectations for residents it helps to reduce anxiety and provides for an orderly management of the house. Conduct standards should include rules that prohibit any violence or threatening behavior, any racist or verbally abusive language, any theft of personal items, or any type of weapon.
  • Do you hold weekly house meetings? Communication is very important to a successfully managed sober living environment. Residents need to feel free to air grievances and hash out disagreements in a safe and supportive forum. Regular meetings also allow residents to express constructive suggestions about how to improve daily living conditions.
  • Do you provide in-house or transportation to local 12-step meetings? A sober living home that is truly committed to your recovery will expect regular attendance at 12-step meetings. Many will require that each resident enlist a sponsor to create additional accountability to their recovery. The recovery principles taught in the 12-step meetings should be practiced in the sober home.

Beit Hillel Provides a Quality Sober Living Environment for Men

Located in Los Angeles, California, Beit Hillel Sobriety offers a safe, sober, and structured sober living environment that enhances and reinforces recovery. Our high quality sober residences promote a sense of community, responsibility, and accountability. For more information about our sober living accommodations, please call us today at (866) 818-0321.