Affordable Sober Living in California

Affordable Sober Living in California

Quality & Affordable Sober Living in California

Options Don’t Need to Break the Bank

Because recovery from substance abuse exists on a continuum, the post-treatment phase is just as important as the initial decision to get clean and sober.  For many recovering addicts or alcoholics, returning to their prior living arrangements could very well undermine their newfound sobriety. Exposure to the same triggers that fueled the addiction in the first place—an unstable home environment, drugs or alcohol that are still being used by a spouse, family member or friends, and dysfunctional relationships, to name a few—will likely lead to a relapse.

It is estimated that up to 70% of recovering alcoholics will relapse in the first year post-treatment.  Transitioning from an inpatient addiction treatment program to a sober living residence offers the best option for shoring up newfound sobriety.  By providing a drug and alcohol-free living environment surrounded by others who are also in early recovery, sober living homes serve an important purpose to the recovery community.

Why Social Support is Important to Recovery

A significant amount of research confirms the important role sober living takes in a successful recovery outcome because it provides social support.  Having this transitional housing available for individuals in the early recovery phase has proven successful in several longitudinal studies, particularly when participation in a 12-step program is mandated, including attending meetings, obtaining a sponsor, working the 12 steps, and volunteering for service.

When sober living houses are operated according to strict guidelines, their role in helping recovering addicts maintain abstinence is invaluable.  The social network within the sober living residence creates a home environment where sobriety is reinforced by fellow housemates.  Having been through addiction treatment as a common experience, the peer support helps to keep each other motivated and strong.  Mandated 12-step meetings play a dual role—providing a blueprint for lasting sobriety through the steps, and also providing additional fellowship and social support with other members.

The social support that a sober living environment offers cannot be understated.  Having others to relate to in the early days of recovery helps buffer the stress that can accompany treatment and recovery.  Most importantly, peers with the common goal of abstinence can help each other avoid relapse.

Sober Living Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

A wide range of sober living options are available, from the most basic, Spartan lodging to luxury accommodations, and everything in between.  Each individual determines their own specific needs and preferences with regard to amenities, often dictated by one’s financial resources.  For the majority of people seeking sober housing, cost is a serious consideration.  Thankfully for most, affordable sober living is not only highly desirable, but available.

Beit Hillel Sobriety offers high quality and affordable sober housing in California. With clean and comfortable accommodations that help provide a smooth transition between treatment and the “real” world, Beit Hillel’s members feel welcome and enjoy having the company.  Sustained sobriety is dependent upon the newly sober individual making a complete lifestyle change, which can be practiced and reinforced in a well-managed sober living environment such as Beit Hillel.

Affordable Sober Living in California

Beit Hillel Sobriety offers two comfortable homes to accommodate the needs of men in the early phases of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  The sober living homes provide a safe living space where our members can grow and thrive in their recovery.  Each home is well appointed with all the amenities desired for a positive sober living experience.

The homes are conveniently located in Culver City, California near local beaches, shopping centers, movie theaters, and restaurants.  Included in the monthly fee are transportation, food, HDTVs in each room, free cable and Internet, house computers, back yards, barbecues, a community pool, street parking, and 24 hour surveillance and security systems.  For more information about Beit Hillel Sobriety, call (866) 818-0321.