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Sober Living Environment Committed to Your Recovery

When someone has your back you know it; there is a sense that the person sincerely cares about your wellbeing. On the contrary, when someone is out to just make a buck off you and doesn’t have your best interests in mind, it isn’t always evident initially, but eventually their true colors show. When it […]

Everyday House Rules in Sober Living

How House Rules Keep Sober Living Homes Safe… and Sober  Sober Living House Rules By the time an individual has developed a drug or alcohol dependency chances are they have also lost all manner of self-discipline.  Those who decide to get clean and sober may chafe at the rules and regulations they encounter in addiction […]

Affordable Sober Living in California

Quality & Affordable Sober Living in California Options Don’t Need to Break the Bank Because recovery from substance abuse exists on a continuum, the post-treatment phase is just as important as the initial decision to get clean and sober.  For many recovering addicts or alcoholics, returning to their prior living arrangements could very well undermine […]

Benefits of Living in Sober Housing after Rehab

Benefits of Living in Sober Housing after Rehab Shoring up Sobriety in a Sober Living Environment Imagine, if you will, your doctor telling you point blank that you are morbidly obese and unless you make drastic changes in your diet and lifestyle you will likely die of a massive heart attack.  What are the chances […]