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Sober living accommodations are to long-term recovery from addiction what physical therapy is to long-term recovery from a serious physical injury.  Both provide ongoing therapeutic benefits to the overall success of a long-term recovery.  To skip this important step, in either case, would endanger the recovery process.

For someone new in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, sober living is an intrinsic component of the critical aftercare phase.  Allowing oneself to transition between active addiction treatment and everyday life via a block of time spent in a quality sober living environment can help cement the odds of sobriety taking root.  Beit Hillel Sobriety in West Los Angeles, California offers men who are committed to a life of continued sobriety just such a place.  The sober living homes are certified by the Los Angeles Sober Living Coalition.

Why is Sober Living Important?

Someone fresh out of rehab is in an extremely vulnerable state.  In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) relapse rates among recovering alcoholics are between 50-90% during the first four years following rehab.  For recovering drug addicts, rates are between 40-60% in that same time period post treatment.  All too common are instances where someone relapses the day they leave the rehab facility.

For this reason alone—to minimize the risk of relapse—residing in a sober living home until becoming more stable emotionally and physically is an important step to increasing the odds of staying sober.  A quality sober living environment provides the structure and stability so crucial in the early days of recovery.

What Constitutes Quality Sober Living Housing?

While there is a wide spectrum of sober living options available, certain core elements set the best ones apart.  Beit Hillel Sobriety is dedicated to providing their clients with all of the important components that constitute a quality sober living experience.  These include:

  • Providing structured support. Understanding the importance of maintaining safe and secure housing there are house rules, features and boundaries in place that will ensure that all house members are experiencing a positive sober living experience.  These include the following:
  • Random on-site drug testing. Beit Hillel has a zero tolerance policy on drug and alcohol use.  Providing confidence that the sober homes are drug and alcohol free are a top priority at Beit Hillel Sobriety.
  • Personal responsibility is a significant element in building up trustworthiness in recovery.  Being accountable to the program, to a sponsor, and to fellow members helps to restore self worth and gain trust.
  • 12-Step in-house meetings three times per week. Intrinsic to the continuing progress of living a sober life is having a support system.  The 12-Step program provides a safe environment to learn from others, enjoy fellowship, and actively work toward becoming a better person.
  • Weekly house meetings and check-ins. These meetings help foster harmony within a communal living environment, offering a safe and non-threatening place to air grievances or discuss various issues.
  • Life planning and goal setting. The journey to rebuild one’s life in sobriety must include a focus to the future.  Beit Hillel Sobriety encourages its members to make goal setting a priority while in this period of transition.  Having a game plan for moving forward means taking a constructive, active role in defining one’s future, allowing the newly sober to look forward to a creating a better life.
  • Individual recovery programs. Beit Hillel recognizes that each individual has his own unique needs and desires, and that each person’s recovery is a very personal experience.  By having a multitude of resources and tools available, Beit Hillel is able to offer its member’s a tailored approach,  giving them a sense of ownership over their own recovery process.
  • Referrals for outpatient programs, therapists, life coaches and attorneys.

At Beit Hillel Sober Living in West Los Angeles we understand the need of our members to be able to access different resources at different points during their recovery.  By providing members with referrals to outpatient programs and therapists they will receive the important support needed as they progress in their recovery journey.  Referrals to legal counsel are also provided as needed.

  • Continuing with Employment or Education. Another benefit of the structured sober living home environment is that it also allows those new in recovery to continue being productive members of society.  Beit Hillel Sobriety provides a safe, drug and alcohol free living space to return to after their work or school day is done.

 Beit Hillel Sobriety Sober Living Homes

Having a comfortable, safe, and supportive home environment in the early days of recovery is key to achieving long-term sobriety.  By eliminating many of the triggers and temptations that accompany drug or alcohol addiction, and putting an emphasis on fellowship, accountability, goal setting, and working the 12-Step program, Beit Hillel Sobriety is an excellent choice for quality sober living.

Each of the Beit Hillel Sober Living in West Los Angeles are well appointed with many attractive amenities that are included in the monthly residence fee.  The homes are conveniently located in Culver City, in close proximity to local beaches, movie theaters, retail and restaurants, as well as an MTA transit station.  Call us today at (213) 516-8683 for more information about this important step on the road to recovery.

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